Reference Conditions : 
CONTINUOUS - applicable for supplying power in lieu of commercially purchased power, for unlimited number of hours at variabe loads. A 10% over load is available. The rating conform to BS5514 and DIN 6271.
STANDBY - applicable for supplying power, at variable loads, in event of public supply failure for the duration of emergency. The rating conforms to BS5514, 1S0-3046 and DIN 6271.

Description : 
Radiator cooled engine close coupled to alternator mounted on baseframe with control panel set mounted on electric key start builds and separate on automatic start builds, then complete with rubber mounting to reduce vibration.

Baseframe : 
Engine /radiator and alternator assembly are direct mounted on a fabricated all welded steel construction.

Engine :
DIESEL ENGINE, multi cylinders , four stroke cycle, water cooled. Complete with replacement element air, oil and fuel filters, fuel lift pump, fixed speed governor, fuel solenoid, pusher fan, water pump, thermostat and by-pass, starter motor and charge alternator. 
GOVERNOR - fixed speed constant speed type meeting the requirement of BS5514 class A 1 for high requirement of accuracy.
RADIATOR -integral with engine driven pusher fan either temperature on tropical duty depending on site location.
ENGINE PROTECTION -sensor switches to initiate automatic shutdown on low oil pressure or high coolant temperature.

Alternator : 
Brushless, self regulating, self exiting type, Screen protected and drip proof enclosure meeting the requirement of BS4999 Part 20. Single bearing construction with drive from engine via a flexi disc coupling bolted directly to engine flywheel. Winding insulation class H Voltage regulation is maintained to within the limits:!: 1 % at any fixed load (no load or full load). PMG (Permanent Magnet Generator) Optional.

Control Panel : 
Free stand on base frame (for open type), Built in bonnet (for silent type) consisting of : • Voltmeter and phase selector switch • Ammeter and selector switch • Frequency meter • Hours counter • Starter key switch • MCCB (Moulded Case Circuit Breaker) • Instrument fuses • Oil pressure gauge • Water temperature gauge • Battery charge ammeter • Protection circuits and individual lamp indications to automatically stop the set on low oil pressure or high coolant temperature.

Accessories : 
Each set supplies with : • Battery (Lead Acid type) • Muffler (Residential type for silent type and Industrial type for open type) • Daily fuel tank • Engine and Alternator books • Hartech© Warranty book • Factory test report • General tool kits.

Options for Panel : 
AUTOMATIC MAINS FAILURE -Wall or floor mounted and arranged for bottom cable entry with side high access door and complete with:
• Voltmeter and phase selector switch • Ammeter and selector switch • Frequency meter • Duty selector switch (Reset/Auto/manual) • Precision 3 phase mains sensing monitor • Start delay timer • 3 times crank starter • Main return timer • Engine cool down timer • Battery charger with metering indicator • Protection circuits and individual lamp indication to automatically main power or genset power supply • Weekly warming - up timer • Control circuits fuses • Instrument fuses • Load terminals.

Option for Genset Accessories : 
A Comprehensive range of options are available to suit your precise requirements and include mobile, parallel operation, bulk fuel tank, fuel transfer systems, etc.

Service : 
Site installation, routine maintenance, repairs and spare parts available upon request.